• kontrola-temperatury-online
    Remote monitoring system.
    Wireless analysis system without limitations
    amount of sensors used with full data recording.
  • kontrola temperatury w serwerowni
    Sensors variety .
    Detailed report due to using multiple sensors to measurement
    central monitoring of many selected data and their analysis.
  • temperature control in the production or warehouse hall
    temperature in the warehouse
    Real-time data .
    Saving all measurements gives the opportunity
    to present historical data in the form of charts or reports.
  • Choose IoT potential.
    The Industrial Internet of Things is now a reality.
    IoT streamlines production, increases efficiency and their analysis.
  • Monitoring in transport.
    temperature monitoring in transport with remote access
    with the use of GPRS transmission and GPS location.

Are you looking for cordless monitoring sensors?

BT temperature and humidity sensor

Cordless System

Real-time monitoring is provided by wireless or wired sensors, e.g. temperature and humidity from anywhere due to the option of data transmission via a GSM modem.
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szybka rozbudowa o klejne czujniki


All system can be built from a high volume of different sensors. Everytime you can add another wired or wireless recorder module
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system kontroli zaniku napięcia

System emonit cloud

eMonit.pl has a visualization of downloaded data with every sensors during the program period and show detailed analyzes of the saved data. System can communicate with user in case of alarms.
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Why us?

Assure security

Introduction of real-time monitoring, e.g. temperature in the server room, promotes the proper functioning of all components and business continuity, and thus ensures data security.

Fast implementation

Our devices are available for analysis available a few minutes, and the intuitive interface allows system management through any web browser.

System on-line

In addition eMonit system displays a detailed analysis of the collected data through any web browser.

Custom app

We are stood by challenges and we adapt our solutions to customer needs. We also cooperate with scientific centers.


We have implemented a number of projects for our clients so that we can respond to the needs of our clients.

More effective production

Integration with machines directly identifies hidden and unused resources resulting from a lack of real information.


Active sensors


Sent alerts/day


Active device


Active users

Monitoring of server rooms eMonit.pl environmental conditions.

Version GSM

The system's control panels offer the possibility of connecting environmental sensors and detectors specially prepared for work in an IT environment. Our products offer a complete solution for detecting, tracking data and alarming, which has been tried and tested in some of the most demanding industries.

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Version LAN / Wifi

Server rooms and data centers are full of expensive computers and network devices designed to operate in the temperature range. EMonit wireless sensors available inexpensive, reliable way to analyze these factors and critical applications for temperature, increase safety and more. <

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odczyt temperatury na tablecie