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system kontroli temperatury na monitorze

System is a solution for controlling and monitoring parameters based on measuring sensors that can communicate using an existing LAN installation or wireless Wifi or GSM communication.

It is possible to connect temperature and humidity sensors, logic states, voltage and current, open or close, machine speeds, etc. All these sensors can be used in cold stores, greenhouses, poultry houses, warehouses, cold stores, laboratories, halls, hospitals, museums, refrigerators and freezers

Main functions of the system
  • system supervision through a web browser with measurement data from many positions at the same time,
  • presentation of historical data in the form of charts, reports and export to csv,
  • communication with eMonit devices and other external producers,
  • full measurement data recording together with data archiving,
  • the ability to send alarm states relate to exceeding the alarm values ​​or lack of data transmission realized by email and / or SMS, GSM voice message divided into groups of recipients.
  • sound notifications directly generated by the system for logged system operators.

Resource protection through remote monitoring can reduce insurance premiums.